Friday, June 1, 2003

JH3 Software LLC today announced its formation in Galesburg, Illinois, with offices at 114 East Simmons Street, Galesburg, IL 61401.

The company will specialize in commercial software add-ons and utilities to support popular Windows-based customer relationship management, accounting, and database packages, according to Programmer-in-Chief John H. Hedges. In addition, the company will provide technical support to other businesses in the Galesburg area, as well as web development, graphic design, and technical documentation services to businesses and individuals throughout the world.

"The software market in the U.S. is tough right now," Hedges explains. "The relative stability of the Windows platform, as well as various databases and other applications, has allowed the foreign competition to catch up, to some extent. And while I don't like to sound alarmist, cheap offshore outsourcing is seriously damaging the technology infrastructure of the United States. Small companies like ours can't restore what's been lost, but by operating with extremely low overhead and by using the latest rapid development and deployment tools, we believe we can provide some of the smaller domestic companies with quality software development services at rates that are low enough to hopefully make them think twice before sending their IT work to companies in India or Eastern Europe."

The company's web site,, features several free downloads in addition to its commercial product offerings. The "free stuff" includes Windows software, fonts, e-books, clip art, and some MP3 audio files of Hedges' various attempts at recording pop music.

The JH3 Software offices on East Simmons Street are currently undergoing extensive renovations, which should be completed by the end of 2003. Most of the renovation work is being carried out by company personnel in their spare time. "There's nothing like a good honest night's work after a good honest day's work," Hedges explained. "Who needs sleep when you've got all this lumber, drywall, and floor tile to play with?"

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