Friday, July 18, 2003

JH3 Software LLC today announced the company's entry into the SalesLogixģ Technology Partner program.

SalesLogix is a product of Interact Commerce Corporation of Scottsdale, Arizona, a division of Best Software. SalesLogix customer relationship management software is a leader in the worldwide small-to-medium-size business market. As a Technology Partner, JH3 Software will produce and sell commercial and custom-built add-ons, utilities, and "plugin" enhancements for various SalesLogix products.

"The key to success in the CRM market is the ability to produce customizable, extensible  applications that work, without having development costs eat up the clientís profit margins," according to JH3 Software Programmer-in-Chief John H. Hedges. "Thatís why SalesLogix is the best CRM solution on the market, and thatís also why JH3 Software is especially well-positioned to provide the sort of customizations and add-ons that users and developers want Ė without breaking their budgets. Iím extremely pleased and excited that JH3 Software is joining the SalesLogix Technology Partner program, and everyone here looks forward to a long and productive relationship with the Interact Commerce team."

JH3 Software's two initial SalesLogix add-on products, LabelMagix and Electrician, are now listed on the SalesLogix Tech Partner web site. The company will be the featured Technology Partner in the August 13 edition of the SalesLogix Business Partner News.

Future SalesLogix add-on product offerings will be announced by November 2003. While tentative, the company's current plans include an application to allow easy storage and display of images from within SalesLogix; a component to obtain SalesLogix group queries without requiring SalesLogix to be open; and possibly a program for printing scalable and/or customizable calendar reports.

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