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Fegmania Caps Truetype Font

rhfegcaps.gif (1297 bytes)

Now you can make your business memos, annual reports, and technical documentation look like they were hand-printed by Robyn Hitchcock! The product of months of aimless farting around, this handy TrueType font is based on the printing found on many of Robyn's album covers. Thoth™ included at no extra charge!
(Thanks to Stewart Russell for the Type I version.)
Windows ZIP file (23K)
Macintosh StuffIt file (21K)
Adobe Type I (for Unix), ZIPped (26K)

This font only contains non-extended ASCII characters! However some nifty symbols are included in place of a few of the extended character set. (If anyone wants to design some extended characters, please do, as long as you let me post the results.)

Robyn Hitchcock J-Cards


These files are all 300-dpi GIF and JPEG bitmaps. Most are around 50K in size; the largest ones are only about 190K.

Don't try to print these from your web-browser! Since web-browsers don't use resolution info from the bitmap files themselves, they'll print waaaay larger than they're supposed to. Save them locally (usually by right clicking on the image and choosing "Save Image as..."), then open them in an image editor, and print them from there.

If you don't have an image editor that can print GIF and JPG files to scale, you'll have to download one that does.


Ram's Head, 6/13/98 (cass C110)
Great American Music Hall, 6/28/98 (cass C90)

Robyn's Xmas Party (cass C90)
Robyn's Xmas Party (DAT)

Cat's Cradle 3/3/97 (cass C100)
Unhatched Crablings I & II (cass C100)
Soft Boys, Lady Mitchell Hall (cass C90)
Rob, Bob, & Albert (cass C90)

Unhatched Crablings III & IV (2-cass C60)
Unhatched Crablings III & IV (cass C110)
Unhatched Crablings III & IV (DAT)

All of these J-Cards are for Robyn Hitchcock
tape trees. Please check out the fegMANIAX!
site for more info about Robyn...

Clip Art Symbols

rhsymbols.gif (1433 bytes)

These symbols are all included in the Fegmania Caps font except for the Tomato-on-a-Lighthouse logo. But I've left them here anyway in case you don't like TrueType for some reason. Or maybe you're using Unix. Anyway, there are four separate ZIP files, each one containing a different file format. Each file is between 8K and 11K except for the WMF version, which is 30K and uses lines instead of bezier curves. Adobe® Illustrator© 3.0 (.AI)
Enhanced Windows Metafile (.EMF)
Corel Presentation Exchange (.CMX)
Not-So-Enhanced Windows Metafile (.WMF)

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