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For best results when downloading, right-click on each download link and choose "Save Target As..." (IE) or "Save Link As..." (Netscape). Everything here is free, but the usual disclaimers (i.e., use everything at your own risk) apply.

Drums & Wires cover art vector graphic: Better color than the real thing! Use this to make really cool animations, T-shirt iron-ons, and other stuff. No more scan lines and dithering!

Apple Venus lyrics CD jewel-box insert: A printed lyric sheet for Apple Venus Vol. 1. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

XTsCheme Vol. 1: The free self-installing XTC Windows 9x Desktop Theme. It turns your droll, drab PC into the coolest machine on Earth. It should be reasonably compatible with Windows NT and maybe even Windows 2000, but XP? Forget about it! Too many security requirements. (But I might give it a shot if I ever find myself using a Windows XP computer.)

Oranges & Lemons Vector-Graphic Cover Art Project: Created with the generous assistance of fellow XTC fans/CG-experts Dave Bregande and Greg Singer, this is a highly accurate, fully-layered vector graphic of the Oranges & Lemons album cover.

CHECK THIS OUT: Bob "Roundabout" Estus has created an AVI animation using the Oranges & Lemons vector-graphic cover. This is the coolest thing you will ever see on the Internet! I kid you not! It's even cooler than Bob's 3D rendering of the Rag & Bone buffet cover!

Meanwhile, Jon Eva of Gallicrow Software has created several XTC clock faces for Candy Clock, his Windows 95/98/NT analog desktop clock. Okay, it's not quite as cool as Bob Estus' AVI file, but it's still pretty cool!

Looking for a vector-graphic version of the XTC logo used on the cover of Apple Venus? Download it here in Adobe Illustrator 1.1 and Windows Enhanced Metafile format.

Click here to download a WAV file of the sound you hear in the run-off grooves of the Dukes of Stratosphear's Psonic Psunspot album, recorded backward and slowed down so you can make out what the guy's actually saying.

Check out those layers!
Presumably you already know that XTC is Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding, two guys from Swindon, England who have never written a song I didn't like. For more info about these guys, and also former band-members Dave Gregory, Terry Chambers, and Barry Andrews, please check out such fine websites as Chalkhills, Optimism's Flames (amazing graphics!), The Roundabout, Bungalow, XTC's own Idea Records site, and the Nonsuch Colouring Book. (Better yet, just try out X-Wires, the XTC web-ring.) And if you're tired of getting your XTC news in English (and who isn't?), be sure to check out XTC Linx Japan; and in Italy, there's Paolo di Modica's Ten Feet Tall.

XTsCheme XTC Icon Library as individual .ICO files in a .ZIP archive: XTCIcons.ZIP (11K)
XTC Icon Library as a single Windows library file:
XTCIconLib.ICL or XTCIconLibDLL.ZIP (22K)
XTC .BMP Wallpaper files from XTsCheme:
XTCWallp.ZIP (19K)
XTC .WAV sound files from XTsCheme:
XTCWavs.ZIP (253K)

JH3's XTC EPS/WMF Logo Collection
XTCLogos.ZIP (100K)

This file contains several XTC logos from early in the band's career, in both placeable EPS (with TIFF headers) and Windows Metafile format. These files aren't contained in XTsCheme. If you have Corel Draw 6, 7, or 8, or contact us about getting them in their original editable formats. (The logo at the top of this page, for example, was made with one of these files.)


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