Robyn Hitchcock Discography


Robyn Hitchcock Greatest Hits

Robyn Hitchcock
Released in 1996

Cassette: A&M Records 31454 0570 4

Track listing:


1. Balloon Man
2. Vibrating
3. Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis)
4. A Globe of Frogs (electric version)
5. Legalized Murder
6. Intro to "Eyes"
7. One Long Pair Of Eyes
8. Madonna Of The Wasps
9. Wax Doll
10. More Than This
11. Ruling Class

1. So You Think You're In Love
2. Oceanside
3. Ride
4. She Doesn't Exist
5. Dark Green Energy
6. Eight Miles High
7. Driving Aloud (Radio Storm)
8. The Yip Song
9. Alright, Yeah
10. Bright Fresh Flower

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