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I Often Dream Of Trains

I Often Dream Of Trains

Robyn Hitchcock
Released in 1984

Vinyl LP: Midnight Music CHIME 00.05 S

Track listing:


1. Nocturne (Prelude)  01:36
2. Sometimes I Wish I Was A Pretty Girl  01:56
3. Cathedral  03:40
4. Uncorrected Personality Traits  01:43
5. Sounds Great When You're Dead  03:20
6. Flavour Of Night  02:55
7. Ye Sleeping Knights of Jesus  03:59

1. This Could Be The Day  02:44
2. Trams Of Old London  03:27
3. Furry Green Atom Bowl  03:15
4. Heartfull Of Leaves  02:28
5. Autumn Is Your Last Chance  03:29
6. I Often Dream Of Trains  02:25
7. Nocturne (Demise)  01:52

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