Robyn Hitchcock Discography


A Soft Boy No More

A Soft Boy No More

Robyn Hitchcock
Released in 1985

Vinyl LP: Blue Lake Records RH85-1

Live in Atlanta, 1985

Track listing:


1. Sometimes I Wish I Was A Pretty Girl
2. Kingdom Of Love
3. America
4. The Cars She Used To Drive
5. My Wife & My Dead Wife
6. Only The Stones Remain
7. I Don't Know Why
8. Man With The Lightbulb Head
9. Strawberry Mind

1. It's Only You
2. Acid Bird
3. Down By The Sea
4. The President
5. Brenda's Iron Sledge
6. Heaven
7. I Often Dream Of Trains
8. Uncorrected Personality Traits
9. Listening To The Higsons

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