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A Can of Bees

A Can of Bees

The Soft Boys
Released in 1984

Vinyl LP: Two Crabs Music CLAW 1001

Pink back (different track listing from original 1979 release)

Track listing:


1. Give It To The Soft Boys  01:57
2. The Pigworker  04:29
3. Human Music  04:31
4. Leppo And The Jooves  05:29
5. The Rat's Prayer  03:19

1. Do The Chisel  03:03
2. Sandra's Having Her Brain Out  03:39 version 2, alternate (remixed?) vocal track
3. Fatman's Son  02:38
4. (I Want To Be An) Anglepoise Lamp  02:51 live version
5. Ugly Nora  03:05 live version
6. Cold Turkey  04:16 live

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