Robyn Hitchcock Discography


The Power of Love

The Power of Love

Captain Sensible
Released in 1983

Vinyl LP: A&M Records AMLX 68561

Robyn Hitchcock co-writes four songs and plays guitar. Not released in the U.S. "I'm a Spider" was also released as a single.

Track listing:


1. I'm a Spider  04:11
2. I Love Her  02:36 (P. Ryan, B. Ryan)
3. Stop the World  04:33
4. Sir Donald's Son  02:56
5. It's Hard to Believe I'm Not  03:08
6. Thanks for the Night  04:07

1. Glad It's All Over  04:06
2. Royal Rave Up  05:06
3. Secrets  04:32
4. It Would Be So Nice  03:39 (R. Wright)
5. The Power of Love  03:54 (B. Jones)
6. I Love You  02:31

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