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Inflatable Hitchcock 2

Inflatable Hitchcock 2

Robyn Hitchcock
Released in 2000

CD: [none listed] 

The Rock Armada recorded live at Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, USA, 2 November 1999

Track listing:


1. Gene Hackman
2. Wax Doll
3. Balloon Man
4. Fleshhead
5. 4th Time Around
6. I Feel Beautiful
7. Alright, Yeah
8. Sinister But She Was Happy
9. No, I Don't Remember Guildford
10. Elizabeth Jade
11. Madonna of the Wasps
12. Queen of Eyes
13. Antwoman
14. Sleeping With Your Devil Mask
15. Oceanside


1. She Doesn't Exist
2. Kingdom of Love
3. City of Shame
4. The Philosophers Stone
5. Waterloo Sunset
6. Sally Was A Legend
7. Beautiful Queen

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