Robyn Hitchcock Discography


Elixirs & Remedies

Elixirs & Remedies

Robyn Hitchcock & Grant Lee Phillips
Released in 2005

DVD: Scotopia Pictures 206891

Track listing:

1. Cynthia Mask
2. Squint
3. Queen Elvis
4. I Feel Beautiful
5. Lonesome Serenade
6. I Saw Nick Drake
7. Gene Hackman
8. Don't Look Down
9. Honey, Don't Think
10. Antwoman
11. Are You Experienced?
12. Fuzzy
13. Happiness
14. Mighty Joe Moon
15. Uncorrected Personality Traits
16. Ring Of Fire
17. Folsom Prison Blues
18. I Collect Butterflies
19. Get Rid Of the Fucking Death Penalty
20. All I Have To Do Is Dream
21. Sound & Vision
22. Rock Your Baby
23. When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman
24. Breaking Glass
25. Kung Fu Fighting
26. I Love The Nightlife
27. Heavenly
28. Trams of Old London
29. Mockingbirds
30. Viva! Sea-Tac

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