Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

The Soft Boys with Young Fresh Fellows
Concert appearance: Wed., 21 Mar. 2001

9:30 Club
Washington, DC US

Set list:

You'll Have to Go Sideways
Kingdom of Love
He's a Reptile
Old Pervert
My Mind is Connectedů
Underwater Moonlight
Queen of Eyes
I Wanna Destroy You
Evil Guy
Leppo and the Jooves
Sudden Town
Insanely Jealous
Only the Stones Remain
Human Music
Rock 'N' Roll Toilet
Bells of Rhymney (Pete Seeger/Idris Davies)
Mr. Kennedy
Give it to the Soft Boys (w/Young Fresh Fellows)
City of Shame
Where are the Prawns?

I'm appending my notes from late last nite. In
the interest of fragmentation & decay I'm not
editing them.

morris minus mustache; morris minor microphony -- I couldn't hear him
sing. Complaint. Barely heard Kimberly sing. But KR's guitar was great
& so was MW's drumming -- cool toms. Ol perv was better because drums
were louder. Toms on queen of eyes very byrdsian.

who KR looks like:
w/ basic manic smile & haircut, very like David Crosby in old byrds
videos; expected him to fly into stoned harangue about Pres. Kennedy's
murder conspiracy. W/ some of his really big grins looked like short
version of Red Skelton; expected harangue about Gertrude & Heathclif. Up
close w/ the chiseld cheek lines & the coiffed silver hair got some
Keith Richards effect. A visual plus as well as sonic.

Robyn inspired in monologues -- meringue harangue -- "I was too young to
be a hippie so I became nihlistic"
--plus the whole thing. Also people on both sides of the primal mouth
in UM.

New songs so good it's driving me crazy, but I don't want audience
tape. I'll just have something to look forward to. Between old song & new song
"That was from the old album, this is from the new album." Particularly Mr.
Kennedy. Bits of "Astronomie Dominie" guitar
squeaks in the jam.

Afterwards waited around taking cues from someone who needed a cone
signed. Found RH a bit late, gave him Wash. Review copy w/ info, said I wanted to
ask him about novel. "Well I've got to finish it. I go around
telling people what I'm doing & then I don't do it." Sounding guilty.
Somebody gave him a present. He was being rapidly re-absorbed by his
normal life "I've got family stuff to do." So I didn't get to say "If
you're taking a long time on the novel, good for you." Still want to
try to contact him about his stories, & sonic book. Which was not in
evidence for sale.

Kingdom of Love--
" the physical..." his shades fall onto his mouth "...kingdom of
time..." he gets them off.
Now it's all memory.

Well they didn't levitate the Pentagon, but
yesterday it was cold & rainy & today it's
sunny & warmer. The Soft Boys brought Spring to
the nation's capital. Gooey stuff at the tips
of branches.


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