Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

The Soft Boys
Concert appearance: Wed., 18 Apr. 2001

Cambridge, England UK

Set list:

You'll Have to Go Sideways
Sudden Town
Queen of Eyes
Old Pervert
My Mind is Connectedů
Kingdom of Love
The Face of Death
Human Music
I Wanna Destroy You
Underwater Moonlight
Insanely Jealous
Encore: Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd)
Encore: Rock 'N' Roll Toilet
Encore: Mr. Kennedy
Encore: Sleeping with Your Devil Mask
Encore: Train Round the Bend (Velvet Underground)
Encore: Only the Stones Remain

It was quite a special show,
because being from Cambridge they could relate a lot of stories to the
audience about where certain songs were written, and about whom.

Old Pervert: Robyn said that this was written about a particular character that used to
wander around Midsomer Common in Cambridge. He also said that if they hadn't
moved away from Cambridge, this song may well have ended up being
autobiographical, as he joked that he could have pictured himself following
the same path when he got older if he hadn't!

Kingdom Of Love: Robyn said this was written about another Cambridge character called
Harold, who used to wander around the streets in a cloak that he had made
himself out of old curtains. He asked the audience whether any of the older
ones remembered him and some shouted out that they did. When he asked if he
was still around, someone said that he'd died a couple of years ago.

The Face Of Death: About another Cambridge character called Arthur who used to walk down the
streets near where they lived and practised. Also commented that both Arthur
and Harold would be seen at times wandering the same streets, but never
really acknowledging each other's existence.

Human Music: Robyn said this was written on a Sunday in January in 1978.

I Wanna Destroy You: Robyn commented that this was written around the time Reagan was being
sworn in as president, and ironically it's being played again just as Bush
has become US president.

Astronomy Domine: When they returned to the stage, Robyn asked the audience whether anybody had seen Roger (ie. Syd - another Cambridge boy) Barret. After they finished
the song, he said that they hadn't seen him either.

Rock 'N' Roll Toilet: This was written in the Portland Arms, in Cambridge. This is a local pub
where they still put on gigs for new bands to play.

Train Round The Bend (VU cover from Loaded album): Robyn said that over the
1979 New Year they spent a few weeks near Mount Snowdon in North Wales,
and so they missed their usual New Year Celebrations
in Cambridge. During this spell they would practise in a small scout hut, and
he recalls they used to play this Velvet Underground song quite a lot.

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