Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

The Soft Boys
Concert appearance: Thu., 19 Apr. 2001

Fleece and Firkin
Bristol, England UK

Set list:

You'll Have to Go Sideways
Queen of Eyes
Old Pervert
My Mind is Connectedů
Kingdom of Love
Only the Stones Remain
Sudden Town
Leppo and the Jooves
Insanely Jealous
I Wanna Destroy You
Underwater Moonlight
Sleeping with Your Devil Mask
Bells of Rhymney (Pete Seeger/Idris Davies)
Train Round the Bend (Velvet Underground)
Mr. Kennedy
Rock 'N' Roll Toilet

The set at the Fleece seems to have been much the same as at Cambridge but
with a few changes in order, but Leppo appeared instead of Human Music. The
encores came to an early end due to triple string breakages - Robyn lost an
E in the intro to Bells so Kim played it alone, Robyn took up a spare black
strat for Train, but in Mr Kennedy Kimberly lost a string, they finished
with Kim playing Rock and Roll toilet on the black strat, while Robyn
unencumberd by a guitar danced in a Jaggeresque manner, breaking a string
towards the end - 'We've broken all our strings, goodnight'.

The original SB material was the better performed. Sideways is an excellent
opener. Old Pervert was outstanding, Kim's guitar was intensely sharp and
crunchy over a solid rhythm section. Insanely Jealous was also excellent. The
fish story in UM featured the A38 (North/South) through Bristol so perhaps
A roads will become a theme. For the lyric watchers: QOE had the original
'abuse and decay' and an 'up/down/push her around' bit I didn't catch the
name of the pig; In Only the Stones Remain the girls definately ovulated. As
for the meaning of OTSR it is apparantly a celebration of the anhilation of
all living matter.

The Egyptians' material was good but not great, Airscape is beautiful on the
album but this live version is too boistrous, contrariwise Devil Mask was
too light.

The new stuff... Personally I prefer Pulse over Mind over the others. For me
the low spot of the first set was Sudden Town and Mr Kennedy should lose the
guitar workout at the end, which last night reminded me of when I saw Man.
Man _should_ have long twin guitar breaks, the soft boys should be punchy
and to the point, that's why they are different bands.

Brian H.

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