Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

The Soft Boys
Concert appearance: Sun., 22 Apr. 2001

The Waterfront
Norwich, England UK

Set list:

Kingdom of Love
Queen of Eyes
Old Pervert
My Mind is Connectedů
Only the Stones Remain
Underwater Moonlight
I Wanna Destroy You
Pulse Of My Heart
Leppo and the Jooves
The Face of Death
Sudden Town
Insanely Jealous
Encore: You'll Have to Go Sideways
Encore: Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd) Sonic Boom on electronic noises
Encore: Sleeping with Your Devil Mask
Encore: Mr. Kennedy

Nearly missed the 1.30pm train, good start. Travelled to Norwich
with a friend who's parents live there so we were guaranteed a
place to crash.
Train was too slow and we had to change to a bus then back
on a train. Stupid bloody rail transport !
Had some food, and then headed into town for a beer, then onto
The Waterfront. Weird oblong venue which was apparently a warehouse.
Got there fairly early-ish as I wanted to catch Sonic Boom. Propped up
the bar, and by 8 it was pretty quiet. I know it was Sunday but it took the
piss. I asked Sonic Boom if he would mind if I would record him, and he
was cool about it. Great set, very Floydian, and my sodding MD took a turn for
the worst and didn't record it (sorry Nick).
I'll get one show soon.

Matthew Seligman was nearby and popped over to say hello and was asking how we
were. He mentioned that the amount of people at the venue was like playing the
Hope & Anchor again. We said it was still early and more people will turn up.
As it's Sunday, there's a 10.30 curfew which meant for a slightly shorter set
and less dialogue between the songs (shame). They hit the stage to less than a
hundred people, but what a gig !
We were all down the front having a great time, my recording came out really
well, a little drum heavy as we were a couple of feet away from the stage, but
it's cool.
Out of the four I have seen this is up there as a fav (alongside Bristol).
Great set and a cool performance.
When the group came back for an encore, none other than Sonic Boom joined them
for electronic noises, and as my friend yelled out 'twiddling his knobs !'
He sat down and done his thing on 'Sideways' and 'AD' ! Amazing ! He gave 'AD'
that Syd-Floyd depth and I was chuffed to bits, a definite highlight. Stunning,
as was 'Connected' and 'Leppo'.

After the show we hung about a bit, and Hessu wandered over and gave me a
setlist which was really cool.

We met up again with Matthew and I asked him to sign my promo CD's for 'UM'. I
told him I'd got the 3LP version aswell, so he needn't worry. The 2CD's are in
card slipcases, and thought he would write on the back, but he signed both in
the corners. He then passed them onto Morris who signed 'em, then Kimberely !

Howie their merchandise/tour manager spotted us hanging around and chatted with
us, and I wanted RH to sign the sleeves as well, but they'd all gone backstage
to discuss the gig.

We stayed outside in the freezng weather which seemed like a bloody lifetime,
but he took the sleeves and popped inside the venue, and then came out a couple
of minutes later with RH's signature on them too !

A great ending to a great night.

Howie asked if we were going to Nottingham, but said we would see him Thursday
in London. He wished us well and headed on our merry way.....


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