Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
In-Store appearance: Wed., 19 Feb. 2003

Stinkweeds Record Exchange
Tempe, Arizona US

Set list:

Arms of Love
I Got the Hots
Dark Princess
Each of Her Silver Wands
Cirrus Minor (Pink Floyd)

The in-store at Stinkweeds was "damn entertaining" (according to one
fan)--it was quite good. Robyn seemed to be in a good mood and was rather
talkative. The set went like this:

Arms of Love
I've Got the Hots
switched to "the father Joseph pick, the thinnest pick known to man..."
Dark Princess
talked about meeting Arthur Lee recently
Each of Her Silver Wands
talked about coming to Tucson for a break from the "fungal atmosphere"
back home
Cirrus Minor "this one is by Roger Waters"
(new) Solpadeine on slide guitar, about a codeine and caffeine based
painkiller available in Canada and the UK

Robyn stayed around afterward talking to fans, signing things, etc.
He seemed to like my Globe of Frogs LP test artwork/slick and asked were I
got it.
We gave him directions to tonight's show, so hopefully, he'll get there. If
not, don't blame me, okay?
Post you again tonight, Marc

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