Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock w/ Baby Lemonade, Jon Brion, Grant Lee Phillips
Concert appearance: Sat., 22 Feb. 2003

West Hollywood, California US

Set list:

Ghost Ship
Wreck of the Arthur Lee
(unknown Love song) with Baby Lemonade
(unknown Love song)
(unknown Love song)
The Main Thing (Roxy Music) enter Jon Brion
Take A Chance With Me (Roxy Music)
To Turn You On (Roxy Music) (aborted)
Uncorrected Personality Traits (country version) enter Grant
Ye Sleeping Knights of Jesus

I was very excited when he opened the show with "Ghost Ship", a
song I had never heard performed live before. He quickly
followed on the same theme with the "Wreck of the Arthur Lee",
which I probably hadn't seen him perform since the Respect
tour. And even solo accoustic, the song was powerful enough to
fill the room, with Robyn imitating the trumpet parts at the top of
his lungs.

This foreshadowed the event of later that evening when he was
joined on stage by a band whose name I can't remember
(Lemon something) to cover three LOVE songs. Sorry, not
familiar with that band enough to tell you what songs they were.
But they were very fun. Robyn sang to them, sans guitar.

Though I was familiar with the two Roxy Music songs he and Jon
Brion covered. "Let's do side two of Avalon" Robyn suggested
and they ran through "The Main Thing" and "Take a Chance with
Me". As Jon started "To Turn You On", Robyn suggested, "I think
we better move on ."

Grant Lee Phillips soon joined them on stage. They began with
a country version of "Uncorrected Personality Traits". Toward the
end they played "The Sleeping Nights of Jesus", another I had
never heard live. They also took a moment to celebrate Robyn's

As always, Robyn's comments between songs were hilarious.
He covered everything from George W. Bush to Jim Morrison. I
won't attempt to repeat them here because I could never make
them as funny.

Unfortunately he only did one set (he usually does two at Largo).
But when he asked for requests, somebody screamed out
"Living with the Higsons"-- which prompted Robyn to create a
new song there on the spot. It was so much fun!

What can I say, the man is a genius? How many performers
can you see about two times a year and still hear songs you'd
never heard live before.

I was very happy that as we were exitting I got a chance to shake
his hand, thank him for a great show and wish him a happy

Tom M.

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