Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Arthur Lee & Love Robyn Hitchcock
Concert appearance: Mon., 3 Feb. 2003

Royal Festival Hall
London, England UK
Robyn guested on 2 songs

Set list:

Singing Cowboy (Love)
7 & 7 Is (Love)

"Crowd was pleased to find that we would in fact be receiving the whole of Forever Changes complete with strings, although not advertised as such. Other than this, no real surprises with the set list , although 7 & 7 Is was saved to the end for the benefit of Robyn Hitchcock to guest on (He also played on Singing Cowboy). Band seemed more polished as you might expect at the end of the tour and especially compared to the first Royal Festival Hall show. Two mistakes in Bummer and You Set The Scene, but hey, given the amount of pleasure the shows have brought to people all over the UK, they can be entirely forgiven. The performance of FC brought an extra long standing ovation, thoroughly deserved."

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