Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

The Soft Boys
Concert appearance: Wed., 15 Jan. 2003

La Scuderia
Bologna, Italy

Set list:

Kingdom of Love
Queen of Eyes
Mr. Kennedy
Sudden Town
Insanely Jealous
The Man With the Lightbulb Head
I Wanna Destroy You
He's a Reptile
(I Want to Be An) Anglepoise Lamp "Seven Winged Bat" version
Only the Stones Remain
Underwater Moonlight
Rock 'n' Roll Toilet
Bells of Rhymney (Pete Seeger/Idris Davies)
Face of Death

January,15,2003........THE SOFT BOYS IN ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday,in a sort of pub......
I was sitting in front of the stage;If I had stretched my hand I could have reached Robyn or Kimberley : ))).....
and the boys were incredible......
they are genious,monster with their instruments..........I have no words.
Robyn is simply Robyn...what else can i say?
Kimberley is great,and he looks alway nice and very crazy,even more than Robyn
Matthew,in his corner,played wonderful bass lines and,with my surprise,he came forward to sing the lines "I'll be with you"at the end of TONIGHT....I thought he never sang with the guys......
Morris (a master with his drums) performed as always is high harmony vocals that to me are thrilling.

I don't remember the exact set list now,but,after Robyn introduced tha band saying "Siamo i ragazzi morbidi" (we are the soft boys) the show opened with the riff of Kingdom of Love,
then Mr Kennedy,and his devilish guitar solos at the end.
Then The Man With The Lightbulb Head (with Kimberley performing "Junior" (Daddy,here's a man with the lightbulb head..ecc) and Robyn performing "Daddy" : ) )......
Queen Of Eyes, Tonight (with Robyn playing slide),Insanely Jealous,He's A Reptile,Only The Stones Remain (all with great guitar solos),I Wanna Destroy You("dedicated" to George W.Bush and Tony Blair) Sudden Town,Anglepoise Lamp (introduced with a quote that I haven't understand too well, "an old song from a punk band,about a bat with 77 wings (???),and a great version of Underwater Moonlight,with Robyn and Matthew untuning(toward the middle-end of the song) the the strings at the top ( I mean,Matthew the big E string and Robyn the E and A strings,if I'm not wrong.....maybe the D string too)while Kimberley used a slide....this way they performed a sound that looked like it was coming out from the hell......
When I saw Robyn performing this I thought about Syd Barrett..........
When Robyn said that they we're goin' to perform a Byrds song,I saw that he put his fingers in the D-chord position and I screamed "Bells Of Rhymney",so he looked toward me and said "That's right" : ) Great!
A great version of The Face Of Death closed a wonderful show!

I was the only one among the fan that own anything from the guys ;-) LOL.....(many thanks know who you are).....
There were about 10 persons that came on pourpose,to see the group..the others people never heard about them.Too bad! A shame! Yesterday Italy saw (for the very first time,I guess) one of the best group of all the times.And a very few persons know them. Is a real shame.
at the end,all the Boys gave us their autographs (they put them on a poster with the pic of Nextdoorland's back cover)
and Robyn signed me the 12" of IF YOU WERE A PRIEST too(he sadi "oh,that's good),and Kimberley signed my copy of GREAT CENTRAL REVISITED (he said "hey,great!";I guess he did't think that somebody in Italy could buy his album.......people don't know what they lost).

A wonderful show! No other words!


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