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Robyn Hitchcock Paul Noble
Concert appearance: Sat., 19 July 2003

Clerkenwell Festival
London, England UK
incomplete setlist

Set list:

Cynthia Mask
I Something You
Up On Cripple Creek (The Band)
Raymond Chandler Evening
My Wife and My Dead Wife

A short, solo, acoustic set.

Following A Girl Called Bob (talented Kiwi), a female poet whose name
escapes me (great), a `country motherf**ker' called Rod Stern
(talented, but more attitude than judgement), a band with lots of hair
(good guitar, excellent vocals), and then another poet (different).

And then Robyn; joined mid-set, or so, by Paul Noble.

`Cynthia Mask', `I Something You', and a couple of covers, including
The Band's `Up on Cripple Creek'. But there were two songs that stood
above everything else.

The first of these was `Raymond Chandler Evening'. The second was a
perfect reading of `My Wife And My Dead Wife'; this did the
impossible: stopping conversation at the bar, even at the other end of
the pub. Just perfect.

All in all, pure, generous entertainment: Robyn - and Paul, and Alice,
and Deke - making sure that everyone had a wonderful time.

x Jim

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