Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock Deni Bonet
Radio appearance: Fri., 14 Apr. 1995

Acoustic Café

broadcast date weekend of 7/22/95

Set list:

Egyptian Cream
Sinister But She Was Happy
De Chirico Street

I had intended to post this from Robyn's appearance two weeks ago on
the Acoustic Cafe program but between an (unexpected) out-of-town trip and a
research paper, it has been a little busier than usual around the olde'
Anyway, the Robyn appearance did occur on Acoustic Cafe. I am
sitting here in my office listening to my copy of it. In the first segment,
Robyn starts off playing an incredible string version of "Egyptian
Creme". Deni really gets into her violin playing during the song.
Then, Robyn talks with the Acoustic Cafe host about the reissue
of the albums. He says he doesn't like some of the original songs on the
albums anymore but that if he didn't include them, the albums would then
be bootlegged and he didn't want that to happen so he just decided to
include everything.
Then, to close up the first segment, Deni and Robyn play
"Sinister" which since listening to several times now, I have really
really come to enjoy.
To start the second segment, both Robyn and Deni talk about the
recording of these new songs. Robyn says that some of them were recorded
in a graveyard in the UK while some others were recorded in a small cafe
in Washington DC. He says that he and Deni are getting very proficient
in the songs because they have played a lot of "2 a night" clubs during
this tour. Then, Robyn says that he and Deni will be in the studio in
July and August in Britain with an album out early next year.
Then to close things, Robyn played "DeChiricco Street", once again
with Deni on violin.
I know that Acoustic Cafe taped more songs than just what was
played because the week before, they played a live version of "Arms of Love"
from the same recording session. I don't know how many songs they were able to record all
together but I am certainly pleased with the four that I have heard played.


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