Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock Homer
Concert appearance: Tue., 10 Sep. 1996

12 Bar
London, England UK

Set list:

Sinister But She Was Happy acoustic
Devil's Radio
Visions of Johanna (Bob Dylan)
My Wife and My Dead Wife
Devil's Coachman
De Chirico Street
I'm Only You
Yip Song
I Am Not Me electric
You and Oblivion
Insect Mother
Only the Stones Remain
Encore: I Saw Nick Drake back to acoustic w/Homer
Encore: Where Do You Go When You Die?
Encore: Alright, Yeah
Encore: Beautiful Queen

From JT: Thanks to Mike for rescuing the review from his shredder.

This week's 12 Bar show didn't quite hit the peaks of the previous
two, but was still up to scratch. The electric section was perhaps
not as enjoyable for some reason - maybe I was just too close to
the guitar amp, but Robyn's vocals seemed less distinct than usual.
The acoustic set was fine, and the encore with Homer was excellent,
as usual. Good to see a return of the green jeans, too.

Shirt report: Black 12 Bar 't', then the white one with dots for
the encore.
Lasagne report: a bit cold this week, but the bread's up to a
decent size again. The chilli seemed to get the thumb's up, too.

Set report: acoustic:
sinister but happy
devil's radio
visions of johanna ("a change from the advertised setlist")
my wife & my dead wife ("left off Frank Sinatra's Duets album")
devil's coachman
de chirico st
i'm only you ("This is called 'I Miss You Jesus Like I Miss A Rock'")
yip song

i am not me
you & oblivion
insect mother
only the stones remain

encore with homer (back to acoustic):
i saw nick drake (thought he said "a sonic drake" when he introduced it)
where do you go when you die
alright yeah
beautiful queen

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