Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
Concert appearance: Tue., 3 Sep. 1996

12 Bar
London, England UK

Set list:

Eerie Green Storm Lantern acoustic
Ghost Ship
Queen Elvis
De Chirico Street
I'm Only You
Glass Hotel
America electric
Driving Aloud (Radio Storm)
Autumn is Your Last Chance
I Am Not Me
Encore: No, I Don't Remember Guildford acoustic
Encore: Beautiful Girl
Encore: The Speed of Things electric
Encore: I Got a Message For You

Jonathan Turner:

Another week, another show:

1st set, white shirt
storm lanterns
g ship ("I don't write them like that anymore" - looking relieved)
q elvis ("This would sound great with Mike Mills siging on it")
dc st
i'm only you
g hotel
america (with appalling whistling solo)
driv aloud
autumn is
i am not me

encore (blue shirt w/green diamonds):
b girl
speed of things

pretty good show, not quite up to last week but excellent anyway.
Robyn still happy, so happy that he's added at least one extra
show (17th) with a possibility of another (24th).

Note that as the weeks go by, the size of the bread accompanying
the 12 Bar vege lasagne has been getting smaller.

Robyn apparently played a mini-set at the Cyberia cybercafe in
central London on Friday, to an audience composed almost exclusively
of websurfers and coffee addicts. And some guy handing out
Gauloises cigarettes as a sort of promotional thing.

To bring together a couple of recent threads, the support at
the 12 Bar was Sid Griffin (with a 'n') - just shows what can
happen if you give Robyn a good review. And Sid's mate Billy Bragg
was in the audience, too

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