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Robyn Hitchcock The Gliders
Concert appearance: Tue., 6 Aug. 1996

12 Bar
London, England UK
setlist incomplete

Set list:

Let's Go Thundering acoustic set, solo
Polly On The Shore (Fairport Convention )
52 Stations
De Chirico St
No, I Don't Remember Guildford
I Something You
Beautiful Girl
You And Oblivion electric set, solo
City Of Shame
Autumn Is Your Last Chance
Only The Stones Remain
Encore: Alright, Yeah acoustic with Morris Windsor
Encore: Beautiful Queen
Encore: Airscape
Encore: Bells of Rhymney (Pete Seeger/Idris Davies)
Encore: Queen of Eyes
Encore: 1974 solo
Encore: Flesh No.1 with Morris again
Encore: More than this (Roxy Music)

Robyn at the 12 Bar, London, 6/8/96:

Support from the Gliders, who were ex-Egyptians Sean & Morris,
plus some guy called Andy, just to confuse things.
Acoustic bluesy harmony type stuff, enjoyable but they need
stronger songs to be remarkable.

1st set, solo acoustic, black & white shirt:

Let's Go Thundering
Polly On The Shore ('I learnt this from martin Carthy')
52 Stations
De Chirico St ('Fletch is here, but he can't play due to a skating accident')
No, I Don't Remember Guildford
I Something You ('this happened almost 3 years ago)
Beautiful Girl
(another new one here, I think)

electric set, solo:

You And Oblivion
City Of Shame
Autumn Is Your Last Chance
Only The Stones Remain

1st encore, acoustic, plain white shirt, with Morris on percussion and vocals:

Alright, Yeah (in English)
Beautiful Queen
Bells of Rhymney
Queen of Eyes

2nd encore, acoustic, black 'Peter Byrne' t-shirt

another new one about 1974
Flesh No.1/More than this (Morris allowed back for this one)

The 1st set took a while to get going, but had some good moments.
A fine 'You and Oblivion' was the pick of the electric set.

the songs with Morris were excellent, with 'Airscape' and 'The
Bells of Rhymney' ('this is a song me & Morris used to drink Guinness
to 20 years ago') being worth the price of admission alone. Morris
hitting the high notes on 'Airscape' like the star he is.

tumultuous cheering from the previously pretty subdued audience
brought Robyn back (eventually) for the last two songs - the first one a
fun ramble about 1974, syd, roger and rebel rebel, sounding like a distant
cousin of clean steve, and the second an impromptu take on 'Flesh No 1' -
they had to think of a song that needed harmonies.

I may have forgotten one or two from the 1st acoustic set, hopefully
someone can fill in any gaps.

The mirror ball seems to have gone for good.


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