Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
Concert appearance: Tue., 17 Sep. 1996

12 Bar
London, England UK

Set list:

Raymond Chandler Evening acoustic
Balloon Man
Wide Open Star
Serpent at the Gates of Wisdom
Cool Bug Rumble
I Used to Say I Love You
One Long Pair of Eyes
Statue with a Walkman
As Lemons Chop electric
This is How it Feels
The Lizard
Kingdom of Love
Encore: Filthy Bird acoustic
Encore: Point it at Gran
Encore: Let's Go Thundering
Encore: Listening to the Higsons electric


At 05:59 PM 9/18/96 +0100, Tony B wrote:

>Was it just me, or was Robyn rather pissed off last night at the 12 Bar?
>It's the first time I've ever seen him, so maybe he's always like that! He
>almost seemed to storm off before the encore, and I thought he wouldn't
>come back on.

He seemed annoyed by something - possibly the noise from the chatterers
up in the balcony, whom he asked to either stop talking or move to the
bar. Fair enough, really, it's a small place, even the sound of a match
being lit seems to echo round.

I just hope my furtive scribbling doesn't get me marked down as
a journalist.

acoustic/lizard shirt:
RC evening
balloon man
wide open star
cool bug rumble (noise annoyed as he tried to start this one)
i used to say i love you
long eyes
statue w/walkman
as lemons drop
woman in you
the lizard ("this is about as low as it gets")
kingdom of love
encore/new multicoloured patterned shirt, 3 acoustic then electric:
happy bird (in response to persistent requests)
point it at gran
let's go thundering ("I looked to my left and found this song")

and no green jeans this week.

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