Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Marah with Robyn Hitchcock
Concert appearance: Sat., 20 Mar. 2004

Yard Dog Gallery
Austin, Texas US
Yep Roc Records party SXSW Festival

Set list:

So You Think You're In Love reports that Robyn sat in with Philly band Marah for a version of "So
You Think You're In Love":

These longtime Philly roots rockers have been missing from the touring scene for almost three years and they are back better than ever. Singers/brothers Dave & Serge Bielanko have voices that overlap and fill in the cracks of their heartfelt tunes. From the world weary Vietnam view of "Round Eye Blues" to their Philly soul era thumper "My heart is a bum on the streets" this is a band coming into its own. Guest appearance by Robyn Hitchcock for a rollicking version of "So You think you’re in love" was a great exclamation point to their set.
--Dan O'Conor

..and another site has a photo of him playing with Marah, resplendant in polka dot shirt and green

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