Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
In-Store appearance: Tue., 2 Nov. 2004

Borders Books & Music
Chapel Hill, North Carolina US

Set list:

I Feel Beautiful
If You Know Time
One Long Pair of Eyes
Copper Kettle (The Pale Moonlight) (Alfred Frank Bleddoe)
Full Moon in My Soul
Blue Moon of Kentucky (Bill Monroe) w/ Chatham County Line
Mystery Train (Sam Phillips) w/ Chatham County Line

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And topped it all off with the in-store gig. After Chatham
line played a bit, Robyn took over. Didn't write down the songs, but
I remember I Feel Beautiful, If You Know Time, One Long Pair of Eyes
and Full Moon in My Soul. There where a couple of others, one was
"Pale Moon" song or something. He also did "Dubya Sucks" ("and
is the anti-christ.) Then he jammed bluegrass-style with Chatham
Line! That was priceless. They did "My OLd Kentucky Home, "Mystery
Train" and a couple others. Of course, Robyn was very approachable, and signed many
autograpghs. A pleasant two days for myself. I hate that I am
Maxwell's this year, but this 2-day fix will help.

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