Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock & Minus 3 w/ Kimberley Rew
Concert appearance: Sun., 22 Jan. 2006

Cambridge, England UK

Set list:

If You Were A Priest
Acid Bird
Creeped Out
Somewhere Apart
Ole Tarantula
Adventure Rocket Ship
Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis)
Chinese Bones
Driving Aloud (Radio Storm)
I Often Dream Of Trains
You And Oblivion
Jewels For Sophia
When I Was A Kid
Sally Was A Legend
Beautiful Queen
Cigarettes, Coffee and Booze (Minus 5) Scott vocals
Aw Shit Man (Minus 5) Scott vocals
Bells Of Rhymney (Pete Seeger/Idris Davies)
Queen Of Eyes
Give It To The Soft Boys

I went to the Cambridge gig last night and it was fantastic I urge
you all to try to catch one of the remaining dates if you can. It
was great to see Robyn playing a full gig with a band (like the old
days) and what a band! I wish he would make his next record with
them. Kimberley Rew joined them for the second half of the show and,
as usual, played with extraordinary skill, enthusiasm and humour. It
was less chat and more songs. In fact Robyn's banter was mainly to
pass the time when Peter Buck's amp was playing up. On the long
drive up the A14 I was reflecting on the fact that I've been going
to see Robyn/Egyptians/Soft Boys for 20 years this year! My first
gig was Glastonbury 1986, and he just gets better and better.



Same as it ever was...

I've been here before, so i know where the venue is...


it's not there!

well, it is, it's just that instead of an industrial wasteland there's now a bustling entertainment centre and a huge hotel!! my friend and i walk around and eventually ask someone, who, luckily, is going to the gig. Due to this and other delays, i get in as 18'th day are on, so lurk around, slowly weedling through the crowd to get to the 2nd row, where i spy some familiar faces at the front.

The gig is another different one... still no Morris Windsor, but there is an extra guitar onstage and it looks like it might belong to... well, more of that later.

another familar episode, Peter's guitar doesn't work! more faffing and the amp is coaxed into life...

'Priest', 'acid bird' are the starters again, but then it's into 'freaked out american girl'. The sound isn't as crisp, which could be de to the lack of Hessu on the desk. The band are getting more with it too, the slightly ramshackle nature of Birmingham is long gone and Peter looks happier adding extra parts now.

Robyn announces it's the last song before a specail guest and then Kimberley Rew, longtime Robyn cohort joine him as Scott and Peter leave. 'I often dream of trains' follows and then boys return for a jangly 'you and oblivion'. 'jewels for sophia' is another new addition. 'when i was a kid' does make it into the show, but this time with Kimberley adding a howling guitar line at the start that has Robyn tilting his head back as the screaming line rings out... 'beautiful queen' is the set closer, with the mic stand deciding to give up, slowly creeping down causing RH to have to give up playing guitar to hold it.

'aw shit man' and 'CC&B' are the M5 songs, bith with Kimberley... Scott remarks that it's like a blind date as KR hasn't heard the song before... then adds "but you know the date's pretty".

'give it to the soft boys' ends the set, with the '78 era intro, RH and KR doing the "one two, great to be here, sure is, three four" before the song kicks in... even the prolonged discussion about the start of the song hadn't given Peter enough time to fix the amp, meaning his guitar line now consist of high pitched squeals and noises that could have easily tempted a whale out to sea had it been played a day or two earlier.

afterwards, Peter and Scott signed stuff and posed for pics... there were also signed cd's and vinyl of RH stuff for sale, with proceeds going to Medicins Sans Frontiers, RH's fave charity

The onstage banter between Scott and Robyn has been great on all the gigs, tonight's consisted of Robyn telling how his grandmother didn't like Basingstoke or Beer, despite never having sampled either.... Scott will chip in with comments that just set Robyn off further each time.

The Bill count-ins to the song are now becoming legend with RH tring to emulate them and even asking to mime as Bill does the real count.

Off to Brighton in a few hours... just enough time to unpack and have some food.

see you by the seaside.



just remembered another RH comment... he looked across at Kimberley and

"two of my favourite sagittarian guitarists in the world over there,
just three feet apart"

a big smile from him...

"the other two being Hendrix and Keith Richards... but they're over
there" (points to other side of the room)


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