Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock with Minus 5
Concert appearance: Thu., 23 Feb. 2006

Belly Up Tavern
Solana Beach, California US

Set list:

I'm Only You solo acoustic
My Wife and My Dead Wife solo acoustic
She Belongs to Me (Bob Dylan) solo acoustic
Queen Elvis w/ Minus 5, Robyn goes electric
If You Were a Priest w/ Minus 5
I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash) mostly Minus 5 w/o Robyn
Acid Bird w/ Minus 5
Ole Tarantula w/ Minus 5
Adventure Rocket Ship w/ Minus 5
Birdshead w/ Minus 5
Chinese Bones w/ Minus 5
Creeped Out w/ Minus 5
Somewhere Apart w/ Minus 5
Rain (The Beatles) w/ Minus 5
Underground Sun w/ Minus 5
Encore: Cigarettes, Coffee, & Booze (Minus 5) w/ Minus 5
Encore: Bells of Rhymney (Pete Seeger/Idris Davies) w/ Minus 5
Encore: Queen of Eyes w/ Minus 5

Here's the set list (after the Minus 5's set), if I can make out my notes
Robyn solo:
(Robyn in a red shirt covered with tan hands, playing a few acoustic songs,
and addressing crowd, "Hello, groovers!")

I'm Only You
My Wife and My Dead Wife
She Belongs to Me (Dylan)
Queen Elvis
(joined by Minus 5, and Robyn goes electric)

If You Were a Priest
(Robyn runs off to track down a Hail Mary pick), so the band start playing
a filler song, doing "I Still Miss Someone" (Johnny Cash). Robyn joins the
song partway through.
Acid Bird
Ole Tarantula
Adventure Rocketship
Chinese Bones
Creeped Out American Girl
Somewhere Apart
Rain (Beatles)
Underground Sun

encore: Cigarettes, Coffee, & Booze
Bells of Rhymney
Queen of Eyes

After the sets, Robyn and Scott signed things at the merchandise booth,
Bill broke down his drum kit, John hung around on the edge of the crowd,
and Peter drifted in and out of the crowd. The band had mentioned, while on
stage, that they were helping Robyn record a new album. Scott confirmed
that 3 songs tonight were part of the new recording project--Ole Tarantula,
Adventure Rocket Ship, and Undergroud Sun. I mentioned to Robyn that Joey
Burns from Calexico is interested in working with him, and Robyn said that
they were try to nail a bit of time down to approach doing something.
On a personal note, this was a milestone for me tonight--it was the 50th
time I've seen Robyn perform. A great night overall. Time for sleep, as I'm
nodding off at the keyboard. Later, Marc

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