Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock & Venus 3 w/ The Minus 5
Concert appearance: Wed., 18 Oct. 2006

The Basement
Sydney, Australia

No set list available.

Well, that was a mighty fine gig indeed. We didn't get some of the
classics Adelaide was treated to (no Vibrating, Acid Bird or GITTSB,
and only the one Minus 5 tune), but we did get Chinese Bones in the
encore, and a brand new song called Propeller Time, which a friend
described as sounding like Guided By Voices. Hmmm, not sure about
that....but it was cool. Eight Miles High had the crowd in raptures.
The sound was exceptional, and I wish I'd been able to record it. And
Scott got a chuckle out of my request for Taco Wagon! Scott and Pete
were still happily signing merch and talking to folks as I ran out the

Roll on Katoomba!

Bill G.

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