Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock & Minus 3
Concert appearance: Sun., 25 June 2006

Harewood House
Leeds, England UK

Set list:

If You Were A Priest
Sally Was A Legend
Ole! Tarantula
Queen Of Eyes
Adventure Rocket Ship
N.Y. Doll
Beautiful Queen
Creeped Out
I Wanna Destroy You
Driving Aloud (Radio Storm)

Some pictures courtesy of Boo

Through my cunning strategy of wanting to listen to Bob Mould but
not the Zutons, I was in the right place to stroll directly to the
front of the stage while it was prepared for Robyn & co, and remain
there throughout the set while the tent refilled behind me with
people who had discovered the blandness of the aforementioned Zutons
on the main stage.

Meanwhile Robyn played and said (multiple paraphrasing follows)

1. If You Were A Priest

'We're going to play a lot of songs from the 60s. I wrote this one
in 1998...'

2. Sally Was A Legend (that is the same progression as 'If I Needed
Someone' isn't it ?)

(On hearing the distant rumble of the Zutons) 'Who is that ? They
sound really good. I bet they're young. I like young people, they've
got longer to live. Maybe they'll make some babies ... (etc, see the
Scala show)'

3. Ole Tarantula

I think it was at this point, a propos of nothing, that Robyn
announced: 'The most arresting thing about the free wallchart with
today's Observer was realising how small the barbel really is. It's
quite tiny, with very small protruberances near the mouth'. Now,
quite apart from the barbel reference, I was struck by this because
I too have been watching wallcharts fall out of my copies of the
Guardian and Observer this week with much amazement. So far they
have included visual guides to seabirds, crabs, insects, freshwater
fish, and today (I kid you not) LOBSTERS. Sorry Shaun, but I wish I
had seen Robyn tonight instead: what would he have said about the
lobster wallchart ?

Anyway, he went from fish protruberances to introducing (by its
initials) QOE

4. Queen Of Eyes
5. Adventure Rocket Ship

Next was the introduction to the song about Arthur Kane. Robyn
explained who Arthur Kane was, and how he had been inspired to write
the song by seeing the film 'New York Doll'. It's a slow song, Robyn
playing across the chords. It's a sad song, with references to self-
destruction. I remember a line about being able to 'choose your
poison, to drink alone or share with millions'.

6. Arthur Kane
7. Beautiful Queen
8. Creeped Out

This is just about word for word: 'Folks, there are many good things
which are creepy, but David Cameron isn't one of them. Today he's
endorsed Tony Blair's decision to go to war in Iraq. So Dave and
Tone, this one's for you'

9. I Wanna Destroy You

(An aside: in the course of the day I heard or saw Robyn, the
Flaming Lips, the Super Furries and both Daltrey and Townshend pour
scorn on Bush and Blair over Iraq)

And finally... band intros, with several references to Seattle. Fond
words about the Super Furries who were following Robyn. And

10. Driving Aloud

--Percy The Ratcatcher

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