Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock & Venus 3
Concert appearance: Sun., 9 July 2006

Cornbury Oxford Festival
Charlbury, England UK

Set list:

If You Were A Priest
Sally Was A Legend
Ole! Tarantula
Acid Bird
Queen of Eyes
N.Y. Doll
Beautiful Queen
Somewhere Apart
Madonna of the Wasps
Adventure Rocket Ship
Creeped Out
I Wanna Destroy You
Driving Aloud (Radio Storm)

Mike's photos of the festival


Cornbury is just up the road from me so I pootled along to see a few bands: Texas, Robert Plant, The Pretenders, Kate Rusby. It was a good line up. Plus there were the Hayseed Dixies.

The "Venus 3" were on early on the Sunday afternoon after a particularly popular set from The Duallers which had the crowd up and dancing. I bagged my space at the front early, right by Peter's amps and gazed admiringly as he tuned up. It was windy and the backdrop was blowing around hence the gaps in the pictures and a rather flattering windblown effect on the hairdos.

I'm a live Minus 5/3 virgin and I adored Robyn's wicked sense of humour and the polka dot shirt. Does Peter choose even louder shirts than normal to compete? Scott looked like he was having a ball, well they all did, as were the small but enthusiastic crowd at the front. I think I must have been next to the members who posted the set list because we have the same picture.. Thanks.

The Cornbury crowd seemed less than wild about them - I think they were there for the mainstream stuff. Still, it was a sunny weekend with good beer, great food, clean loos and the mimes were kept well away from view round the back of the beer tent. The guys were very relaxed and I had a close encounter with Peter when he stepped over my toes on the way back from the bar with a glass of wine.


We went to Cornbury yesterday. They played If I were a Priest, Sally was a Legend, Ole Tarantula, Acid Bird, Queen of Eyes, New York Doll, Beautiful Queen, Somewhere Apart, Madonna of the Wasps, Adventure Rocket Ship, Creeped Out, I Wanna Destroy You and Driving Aloud. No Minus 5 songs were played... .

There was a nice atmosphere, the guys played for an hour on a really windy stage and sounded great. The bloke who introduced them said they were usually the Minus 3 but today they were the Venus 3. Robyn made some reference to the planet Venus, but I'm still none the wiser.

It was the last in a string of shows with Robyn, which we've really enjoyed and we'll definantly look out for him when he tours next time.

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