Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock and John Paul Jones
Concert appearance: Mon., 26 Sep. 2005

Barbican Theater
London, England UK
Talking Bob Dylan Blues: Tribute Concert, also aired on BBC-4 TV

Set list:

Visions of Johanna (Bob Dylan)
Not Dark Yet (Bob Dylan)
Ole! Tarantula

Robyn's set at the Bob Dylan tribute at the Barbican on Monday night
consisted of two Dylan songs and one Robyn song:

Visions of Johanna
Not Dark Yet
Ole Tarantula

Robyn played acoustic and harmonica (did I really need to tell you that?!)
and was accompanied throughout on mandolin by John Paul Jones, who appeared
on the programme as John Blodwyn but was introduced properly by Robyn

His set went down well, although a large proportion of the audience was
perplexed by the thoughts he expressed on Dr. Who, Aliens and the importance
of Bob. The concert was recorded for television, to be shown on BBC4 (a
digital channel) on Friday 30th, 8.30-10.30pm, so they will cut out quite a
bit of the show, which was nigh on four hours long. However they're bound
to show every artist at least once, so if anyfeg can record it that would be
great. I can't get digital TV personally but hopefully one of the UK list
members has the facilities to get BBC4. If not, I expect the concert will
eventually find its way to terrestrial TV.

Other standout artists were Odetta, Liam Clancy and KT Tunstall. Odetta did
the most incredible version of Mr. Tambourine Man, Liam Clancy told some
great tales of playing with Dylan in the early days, and KT got everyone
rocking at the end. I was really impressed with her - surely to become a
huge star. Robyn came on with everyone else for the final encore but spent
the song trying to hide at the back with the keyboardist!


"Clad in purple trousers and a yellow patterned shirt, the former Soft Boy
Hitchcock has two giant songs to fill - "Visions of Johanna" and "Not Dark
Yet" - and he pulls it off with a with a powerfully focused performance and
some skeletal, brooding instrumental support from John Paul Jones".

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