Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, Bill Rieflin
Concert appearance: Thu., 8 Sep. 2005

Crystal Ballroom
Portland, Oregon US
shared the bill with Colin Meloy

Set list:

Chinese Bones solo
Nietzche's Way solo
I Often Dream of Trains solo
Uncorrected Personality Traits solo
Television solo
Viva! Sea-Tac
Queen of Eyes
Ole! Tarantula
A Man's Got to Know His Limitations, Briggs
Underground Sun

It was delightful to hear Robyn's voice sounding clear and sonorous.
IODOT was really beautiful, as was Birdshead (with band). Robyn said that
he was doing Uncorrected Personality Traits for the oldsters in the group.
I felt recognized ;-0. His banter was limited but humorous. I hope
someone can post a setlist (I'm hopeless at this), but some of the songs
(other than the ones mentioned) were Birdshead, SEA-TAC, and Queen of
Eyes. I was really sorry that there was no encore.

Paul (thanks for coming over and saying hi to me) wrote of his
ne'er-do-well nephew:

"Somebody mentioned how appalling it was that Robyn opened for Colin, and
let it be known, Colin felt the same way. Promoters insisted."

Just so you all know (Decemberists apologist that I am), it was apparent
that Colin felt the same way. He looked almost shaken when he hit the
stage, and after the first or second song, he said that he was "in total
awe" of Robyn. It was either then or later that he asked the audience to
give Robyn a hand. He also talked about how being in the dressing room
with Robyn, REM members, and Scott was like a wet dream he would have had
when he was 15.

- Jill

Fellow fegs,

Wow. Composing my first post-millennium email to the group. Nobody lurks
better or as long as my wikid self. I was at the show Thursday night in PDX,
even got to hang with my fave musicians, Robyn, Scott McCaughey, and Mssr.
Buck. I drank their booze. I didn't get to play any music with him, but I
enjoyed throwing in suggestions for the set list. He nixed both of mine;
Allright Yeah (which he said is better with Harvey Danger Mouse)and
Heliotrope(exquisite tuning wouldn't work on such short notice). He did do
Trains as Colin had hoped, and even got a shout out. Woo! Colin couldn't get
himself to come up during Robyn's set, so no collaboration. Side note: Colin
is rumored to be guesting on the forthcoming Minus 5 rekird, we'll see. You
didn't hear it from me. ;-)

My how things have changed since Colin and I were playing Airscape for the
Glass Flesh cassette.. He heh. The kid hasn't changed though really. Very
humble still and he still owes me big time. ;-) Doesn't answer the cell as
much, rushing here and there. All too busty for me. Somebody mentioned how
appalling it was that Robyn opened for Colin, and let it be known, Colin
felt the same way. Promoters insisted.

-Uncle Paul

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