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M appearance: circa Sat., 1 Jan. 2011

[unknown venue]

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Roberta (database manager) can be reached by emailing robynbase at gmail dot com. Corrections, additions or other comments are *always* welcome!

Email sent to the other addresses listed on the site will also reach her eventually.

Version notes:
Most of the discographical items that I am able to add pictures for, have now been added. Feel free to send a scan of any items you notice without images.

There are many more older dates included now. The pieces of the puzzle continuously fall into place. Many many thanks to the Robyn Hitchcock community throughout the world for their generous support of this project!

Special thanks go out this time to Grimble, for his support and for access to the Visible Hitchcock image archive. Many of the discographical images came from that collection. At this time it is the most comprehensive collection of sleeves, posters and other ephemera on the internet that I know of.

Also I would like to thank Tulloch for his invaluable help in sorting out the Can of Bees conundrum and for providing much of the older gig info that has been recently added.

Cheers to both of these fine gentlemen! :)

In reponse to those that were hoping The Asking Tree could provide a reference to the recordings that are archived online, the gig info page has the URL for the Live Music Archive, when it is available there to stream or download. That is the best we can do at this time but it is a start. Sadly, it is not searchable this way.

I am especially interest now in updating the discography with the various international editions and items that were available throughout the years. These days, it is easier to keep track of releases but there are many items missing from pre-internet times. Please contact me if you can help fill in the blanks.

October 2006

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