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Robyn Hitchcock Deni Bonet
Concert appearance: Sat., 25 Mar. 1995

Tin Angel
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania US
Set 1
(early) setlist possibly incomplete/inaccurate

Set list:

Satellite acoustic
Balloon Man
Alright, Yeah
De Chirico Street
Arms Of Love
I Something You
Man With A Woman's Shadow
So YouThink You're In Love
Raining Twilight Coast
The Yip Song
I Am Not Me electric
Never Stop Bleeding
Zipper In My Spine
Only The Stones Remain

I may have missed a few here since I did not write anything down during the
show. Deni Bonet played
violin on a few of the songs on each set including "Arms of Love" and "Never
Stop Bleeding"

As noted before, his stage shirts are getting more "colorful" these days. The
fan shirts were both $15.00.
One was black with Robyn's name and picture on the front. The second shirt
had a drawing for "Man with
a Woman's shadow." For anyone looking to talk to Robyn and never bothering
(like I had before) Do It!
He's real nice, friendly, did the handshake thing and even signed my Element
of Light CD insert (now I
can't sell it when I get the reissue) I asked what he would be playing and
he said ": what do you want to
hear" Wow! Not to pester him I did not ask for anything (OK, Zipper in my
Spine ) because I rather he
play what he wants, and judging by the 2 almost different sets, he did. The
chat was comfortable, about the K
records single, Maxwell's in Hoboken, Duplicate signatures, and that was it.
A very nice guy.
He walked on stage with a cigarette lit, asked for an ashtray, made some
comments about not wanting it
back and stating he never walks on stage with a cigarette. Then he introduced
"Satellite" as "I never walk
on stage with a cigarette."
The openers, Deni Bonet and band played around 5 songs. Jill Sobule was very
good and told me her new
record will be out in a month. Both her sets were varied and well worth
seeing (and taping). I won't give
her set away as it is worth seeing without knowing the set.

Robyn is scheduled to be on 88.5 WXPN at 1 PM today (March 26) in the
Philadelphia area on the World
Cafe, which is syndicated. There are 2 shows tonight at 7:00 and 9:30. It's
also worth getting dinner
reservations to secure a good spot there as it holds only 105 people.

Rob Z

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