Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
Concert appearance: Sat., 17 June 1995

All Saints Hall
Lewes, England UK
Support act: Martin Newell (ex-Cleaners From Venus)

Set list:

Surgery acoustic
Wide Open Star
Chinese Bones
De Chirico Street
Madonna of the Wasps
Balloon Man
The Devil's Coachman
Glass Hotel
I'm Only You
Queen Elvis
The Yip Song
I Am Not Me (begin electric set)
Listening to the Higsons
I Often Dream of Trains
Only the Stones Remain
Encore: Queen of Eyes first encore
Encore: The President
Encore: Driving Aloud (Radio Storm)
Encore: Airscape second encore
Encore: Direct Me to the Cheese

Hi all, especially those of you I met in Lewes.

Here's the set list I scribbled on the back of my ticket during the
gig. I've tried to make set lists before at RH gigs, but they've
always come out as a load of squiggles and abreviations. Luckily, this
gig was a sit-down affair, with no bouncing arround, so I can actually
read what I wrote!

For those of you who keep a close eye on Robyn's shirts at gigs, you
may like to know that I was wearing my white shirt with black
squiggles which I purchased for 3 pounds in a charity shop in
Bradford. Very nice it is too! Anyway, you don't want to read about

Ace gig, had a great time. The support act, Martin Newall (ex Cleaners
From Venus) was good too, with wierd poetry and interesting lyrics.
Thanks to Phil Flowers for organising it, hope the All Saints Centre
goes well.

See you on the next UK tour....

Still life w/ Robyn: the venue was like being inside on of those sugar
easter eggs; on stage the pulpit (?) had an Asian carpet wrapped round
it; on R's left stood table w/ large vase of flahrs and glass of water,
and behind him his acoustic guitar case w/ orangey fur lining, to his
right his 2 guitars. He first appeared in collarless white shirt and
black waistcoat (and I have it on good autho(u)rity that he did the
soundcheck in navy blue sweatshirt, how -- unUSual) for the acoustic
set, wore his yellow w/ pink and turquoise salamanders shirt for the
electric set, a parquet-tiled shirt for the 1st encore, and back to the
white shirt for the 2nd (he took ages to reappear and I thought, he's
run out of shirts, and sho' nuff when he emerged he said, "I'd run out
of shirts!").

Won't comment on music, leave that to more tutored voices, ceptin' to
say that Madonna of the Wasps and Glass Hotel made me cry, but by the
time he did Element of Light in the 2nd encore my butt hurt too much to
do any emoting.

He rabbitted on between songs about gerbils and how they don't "sex"
one another from 30 paces because they don't care what sex other
gerbils are and how they don't have the vote yet, about fat people and
how they're easier to recognise because there's more *to* them, about
towers and moats, about lung cancer (while smoking) and about how he is
not particularly sexually ambiguous. Hmm. Robyn *must* be a Temazepam
addict, else how does he go to sleep of an evening, w/ all those little
thoughts buzzing round inside his poor beleaguered skull?

My friend visiting fr York said, in her nice Brummie accent, "He's very
*hunky*, isn't he?", Cap'n Sensible was spotted, we sat too near the
shouting snoggers (or snogging shouters?) who had come only to sing
along loudly and tunelessly w/ Soft Boys numbers and talked incessantly
throughout the rest (justifiable homocide, or wot?). But all in all
everyone was terribly friendly and it was brilliantly worth a tank of
petrol and a drive there and back.


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