Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
Concert appearance: Wed., 27 Sep. 1995

Berbati's Pan
Portland, Oregon US

Set list:

De Chirico Street
The Devil's Radio
The President
I'm Only You
Cool Bug Rumble
Glass Hotel
You and Oblivion
Queen of Eyes
This is How it Feels
Kingdom of Love
Zipper in My Spine
I Am Not Me
Only the Stones Remain

Berbati's Pan: This was at a small tavern/restaurant in Portland, Oregon.
Opening was Tiddas, an Australian trio of women who play Indigo Girls style
folk music; they did a good job of warming up a small audience of maybe a
hundred people; this number at least doubled by the time Robyn was on.
Morris Tepper then took the stage to do his 'Hanging Watermelon' show, a
strange mix of Bob Dylan style folk with some of his Captain Beefheart
electric punch thrown in. By this time, the place was getting anxious and
all the chairs were taken. Everyone else was resigned to standing in the
back, off to one side of the stage, and unfortunately the stage is about one
foot high, so these people had a hard time seeing anything. Luckily, we
made the 80-mile drive from Corvallis early and were only ten feet from the
stage when Robyn FINALLY took the stage.

He started with De Chirico Street and went on to Lysander and shocked us
with a mesmerizing version of The President. Other highlights included
Birdshead, Only the Stones Remain (solo electric), Flesh Hotel, Queen of
Eyes, You and Oblivion, and he ended with a crowd pleasing Kingdom of Love.
This show doesn't stick in my mind as well as the Seattle show two days
later, but it was well worth it, even though it meant working the next day
with two hours of sleep.


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