Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock Deni Bonet
Concert appearance: Tue., 29 Oct. 1996

[unknown venue]
Detroit, Michigan US
with Billy Bragg -- setlist incomplete/inaccurate

Set list:

Devil's Radio
Balloon Man
Egyptian Cream w/Deni
Listening to the Higsons
I Am Not Me
My Wife and My Dead Wife
Sinister But She Was Happy
Driving Aloud (Radio Storm)
De Chirico Street
You and Oblivion
The Wind Cries Mary (Jimi Hendrix)
Beautiful Queen

I saw Robyn last night in Detroit (immediately preceding some scary
torrential downpours/thunderstorms and insane wind issues...) and he was
amazing as always...I neglected to tape or write down the songs that he
performed...but here are a few that I do recall:

(in no particular order)

Devil's Radio
Balloon Man
Egyptian Cream (w/Deni)
Listening to the Higsons
I am not me (is that the correct title?)
My Wife and My Dead Wife (with a Frank Sinatra reference!)
She Was Sinister but she Was Happy
Driving Aloud (Radio Storm)

maybe others of you at the show can help me fill in the rest...I'm tired
and losing my ability to remember details a day later!

The crowd seemed appreciative of Robyn...yet the show itself wasn't
incredibly was hard to tell if fans were there for robyn,
billy or for the Newspaper Strike benefit...but, a good time was had by


I was at the Detroit show last night as well. He also did "DeChirico
Street", "You and Oblivion", a good rendition of Jimi Hendrix "The Wind
Cries Mary", and an amazing "Beautiful Queen". He did many numbers with
Deni, who did a fine job. It was kinda weird _standing_ all throughout
the concert as opposed to sitting and being a little more casual, and the
sound was a little loud. But I had a splendid time! It's been awhile
since I saw Robyn in concert and even though he wasn't on long enough for
me :), it was well worth it. He made lots of cool guitar noise, too.

I think the crowd was there more for Billy Bragg, to be honest. There
were signup sheet for free RH and BB mailings, and the BB signup sheet
had over twice as many names on it as the RH sheet.

Sorry I didn't mail about this earlier, but my power was cut owing
to the hellish winds... myyyyyyyyyohhmyyyyyyyy...


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