Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock Tim Keegan
Concert appearance: Wed., 21 May 1997

House of Blues
Chicago, Illinois US

Set list:

Gene Hackman
Cynthia Mask
The Wind Cries Mary (Jimi Hendrix)
De Chirico Street
Madonna of the Wasps
Jewels for Sophia
I'm Only You
Glass Hotel
I Something You
I Am Not Me
You and Oblivion
Kingdom of Love
I Often Dream of Trains
Queen of Eyes
Beautiful Queen

I have a short report now because no one else has said anything.

The show was great (how predictable)! Really, though, it was one of the
better Robyn shows I've seen. His voice was in FINE form last night- hit all
the high notes with near perfection. Gene Hackman and Jewels For Sophia were
pulled out, as well as 1974. David Witzany will post the whole set list soon
(right Dave?).

The sound at The House Of Blues was beyond words. It was really warm and
intimate for a place that is so over the top in presentation. I guess I
should say that the sound was great if you were one of the folks on the main
floor (as were all the Fegs)- when you got up into the balcony or toward the
back of the venue, the music was overtaken by the loud talking of folks who
weren't there to see Robyn. This was my second venture to the House Of
Blues, and the same thing happened at the last show. I'm amazed that folks
would plop down $18.50 on a Wednesday night for an artist they hadn't heard
of or weren't a dedicated fan of. Is it just me, or is that strange? I
guess that part of town (downtown) caters to the sort that have A LOT of
expendible income.

As for my interview with Robyn, it was fab. Thanks to all of you who posted
questions- many of them were asked. I'll be posting some answers later today
or tomorrow.

It was a GAS meeting all of the Fegs and putting faces to the names (or
screen names as it may be)! You folks really made the night extra special!
Here's the Feg Fashion Show: Susan was fetching in her school-girl a go-go
get up, David Witzany showed his incredible taste by wearing his Rugburns
Rock (Rolling Rock beer parody) t-shirt, Hal and buddy Dave Bell sported
their cones... and me? Well, I was doing my best David Lynch by keeping the
top button on my white shirt tight to my neck.

Other highlights:
1) The guy who yelled "nice shirt" to Robyn almost the second he hit the
stage. Sent me into fits of laughter as Uncle Bobby had an a very generic
white shirt! 'Twas a good one, as they say.

2) "Kingdom Of Love"

3) Tim freakin' Keegan! Great opening set and a wonderful sidekick to Robyn.
Had Denni been there on "Beautiful Queen" to add the violin bit, the
combination of Robyn, Tim's harmonies and guitar, and violin would have been
transcendental. As it was, it was simply brilliant. My personal motto for
the evening: "MORE TIM!!!!"

That's it for now. More later.

Blinking On And Off,


P.S. At one point I asked Susan if we should shout out, "More songs about
toast," but thankfully she made me think better of the idea.

Reports on the Chicago show:

SOUNDCHECK-Robyn and Tim did a lo-o-o-ng soundcheck (RH called it an
"extended, unpaid rehearsal" to the soundman). I only (!) heard the last
hour (it lasted close to two.) When I arrived on the scene, they were
grooving on Hendrix with a great "Are You Experienced?" featuring a 5-7
minute solo electric rave out by Robyn! I was completely captivated at
this point (there were only about 5 people in the room) and tried to act
casual (expecting to be thrown out any second since I hadn't been
as they played "Jewels For Sophia" and another NEW SONG called
"Elizabeth Jade" ("Elizabeth Jade/Elizabeth Jade/I love the way your
triangle's displayed...") Then, Robyn hopped off stage and started
roaming around while Tim did a couple by himself. Thinking my time
observing was about to come to an end, I was pleasantly surprised as
Robyn instead
said 'hi' and signed my Royal Queen Albert promo CD, saying "Where'd you
get that?!" I hung around and listened to Tim and after about three
(with Robyn watching and listening), Tim said "Should we do some more
together?" They then rehearsed that night's encore in order:
Oceanside/Queen Of Eyes/Beautiful Queen (see previous post for complete
setlist.) At one point, Robyn had the sound crew mic a board ("a
thumping board") so he could stomp on it to keep time and make a
percussive effect during his solos. He said he wished he had his pair of
size twelve green suede shoes to thump with, but had left them at the
Isle of Wight. The board effect worked great at the soundcheck, but by
the time he tried to use it at the show, they forgot to pot it up for
most of his solo even though he was stomping away! FOOTNOTE:

Robyn also did a short verse of The Beatles "Here Comes The Sun". He
stepped away from the mic looking for a Baby Jesus pick and sang to
himself, "little darling, I see the ice is slowly melting.." I had my
fingers crossed, but they launched into something else instead. What a


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