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Robyn Hitchcock Tim Keegan
Concert appearance: Thu., 22 May 1997

Magic Stick
Detroit, Michigan US

Set list:

Gene Hackman
Serpent at the Gates of Wisdom
Clean Steve
De Chirico Street
Madonna of the Wasps
Elizabeth Jade
I'm Only You
I Am Not Me
You and Oblivion
She Doesn't Exist
Kingdom of Love
The Speed of Things
Queen of Eyes
Beautiful Queen

I was thrilled to be at the show because it's the first time I've been
healthy (and relatively pain-free) in longer than I care to remember.
As I mentioned in another post, I was disappointed that Robyn played
only two new songs, but I was happy to hear really good versions (IMHO)
of Clean Steve, Kingdom of Love, Lysander, Madonna, and Oceanside.

I was spellbound (as usual) by his fingers dancing over his
of the four cones he drew now lives in my bedroom...and it was the first
time I felt like Robyn was a friend, rather than some mysterious
mystical figure.
And though I've witnessed better RH performances, my overall concert
going experience rather wonderful thank you very much.

On to the information portion of this review.

First some background about me and my Robyn connection.

First song I ever heard - Kingdom of Love
First album I bought - Fegmania
First time I saw Robyn - 1984 in Toronto with The Egyptians (and every
time since.)

....I finally got up the nerve to approach Robyn a few weeks after I had
surgery #3 (for Crohn's disease - Inflammatory Bowel Disease) in 1993.
Partly because of that conversation, partly 'cause I interviewed him for
CBC radio in 1994, partly because he loves my hair (apparently Bob Dylan
would be green with envy - Mr. Dylan please get better soon,) and partly
'cause I snuck out of the hospital in Oct '94 to see him play...when I
walked into the "Magic Stick" in Detroit, I heard someone calling,
"Randi! Randi! Randi Spiegel!"

Robyn and Tim and Steve (manager) were just sitting down to dinner.
After a round of questions from Robyn and Steve about surgery #8 (March
'97 for Crohn's) I managed to get a few questions in edgewise.
We also talked after the show, so here is a summary of info I think/hope
everyone will enjoy.

1. Both Robyn and Steve kept asking me about the feg list...if I
enjoyed it, what I posted about, what I liked reading about, and if I'd
ever met anyone from the list.
They were really interested in hearing about 'fegmaniax,' which I
thought was great.
They both claim to be computer illiterate: their biggest technological
triumph was the purchase of a calculator for this tour.

2. Steve was curious as to how people discovered I'd be
forever greatful to anyone who would like to e-mail me,
and tell me about their first RH experience, their first album purchase,
their first RH concert, and where they live.
I'm hoping to put together a package to send to Steve around the end of

3. Robyn was exhausted in Detroit. He mentioned it to me, so did
Steve, and it was evident in Robyn's lack of stage banter, which may
have been a relief to some fegs, but I was disappointed, not nearly
enough talking for my liking.
Steve was really concerned about getting Robyn to bed after the show, so
it seems he takes a fatherly attitude towards Robyn, and Robyn takes one
towards Tim...hmmmm, what a big happy family.
The boys were all excited because they were taking two days to drive
from Minneapolis to Boulder.

4. I asked Steve if there was any life left in "Moss Elixir," he said
no. The record didn't do as well as they had hoped and Robyn is
_really_ disappointed about that.

5. When Robyn was touring with the Dear Janes he got to know Steve and
his style of management and that was the catalyst for the 'breakup' with
Peter Jenner/Sincere Management.

6. Steve will be cutting down on the amount of touring Robyn does.
I asked Steve if he would have let this tour happen if he had been the
manager at the time and he said "no." He won't let Robyn tour again
without a reason, so we won't see RH again until the time when the film
and soundtrack are released. Steve wants it to be more of an 'event'
when Robyn tours, so that more people will come out to hear him play.

Well, I hope I've made everyone feel like they were right there in
Detroit with me, and I wish more fegs had been, though I most enjoyed
meeting Mary and Beth (Beth: I lost your e-mail address so send me a

Thanks muchly to those who posted about Chicago and Minneapolis and
Boulder...looking very forward to reading more reviews...and let me
just say I love this list...I could gush about it (I did to Robyn and
Steve) but I will restrain myself now...except to say I'm just so damn
fond of you all :)


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