Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock Tim Keegan
Concert appearance: Fri., 23 May 1997

Shank Hall
Milwaukee, Wisconsin US

Set list:

Gene Hackman
Balloon Man
Beautiful Girl
De Chirico Street w/Tim
Madonna of the Wasps w/Tim
Elizabeth Jade w/Tim
I'm Only You
I Am Not Me
You and Oblivion
Autumn is Your Last Chance
Only the Stones Remain
Encore: My Wife and My Dead Wife
Encore: Oceanside w/Tim
Encore: Alright, Yeah w/Tim
Encore: Beautiful Queen w/Tim
Encore: The Speed of Things

It was an excellent show. Afterwards I talked to Robyn and had him sign
my Moss Elixir cd book. Tim signed it too.
Robyn mentioned the Chicago crowd was a little noisy at time, but also
said our crowd was a bit quiet. We had a great table in the first row
in front of Tim.
That's all for now. Take care everyone.

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