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Robyn Hitchcock Tim Keegan
Concert appearance: Sat., 24 May 1997

Let It Be Records
Minneapolis, Minnesota US
Set 1

Set list:

I Dream of Antwoman
My Favourite Buildings
De Chirico Street
Jewels for Sophia
Alright, Yeah
Elizabeth Jade (David A. Willems)

I first went to the instore appearance at Let It Be Records in
Minneapolis. The speakers were crappy, but he played three new songs
(after an embarassing story about why he was late, involving tentacles
etc... it seemed like he was just trying to give the audience what they
wanted, but it just sounded like a parody of himself).

He signed people's stuff. Now here I want to mention something of
personal opinion:
I think it's very rude to bring your entire collection of Robyn
Hitchcock/Soft Boys material to be signed by him. I mean people were
giving him like 10 records to sign, including bootlegs. I think it's
very inconsiderate.
Someone brought a blender he had bought, I thought was very clever.
Film and soundtrack in February, new album not till after that!

Anyway, show was later that night:
In no particualr order

Daisy Bomb
something with "beep beep, them bones keep rattling" or something, new
Alright, Yeah
De Chirico Street
Madonna of the Wasps
I Saw Nick Drake (if ANYONE has a copy of this, I'd do just about
anything to get it!!!! One of the most beautiful songs I've heard from
Robyn, I had tears in my eyes.)
Glass Hotel
You and Oblivion
Serpent At The Gates of Wisdom
Raymond Chandler Evening
I Went To See The Gypsy
Queen Jane Approximately (It was Bobby D.'s birthday)
Gene Hackman
Beautiful Queen
I Often Dream Of Trains (He dedicated it to someone named Jim Walsh, and
did the same last year. Is Jim a musician from Minnesota?)

I might be missing a couple.

Again if anyone has a copy of this concert, or in particular "I Saw Nick
Drake" please contact me.

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