Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock with Tim Keegan
Concert appearance: Sat., 24 May 1997

Cedar Cultural Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota US
Set 2

Set list:

Daisy Bomb
Ring Them Bones
Serpent at the Gates of Wisdom
De Chirico Street w/Tim
Madonna of the Wasps w/Tim
I Saw Nick Drake w/Tim
Glass Hotel
Went to See the Gypsy (Bob Dylan) electric
Queen Jane Approximately (Bob Dylan) electric
Raymond Chandler Evening electric
You and Oblivion electric
Freeze electric
Gene Hackman electric
Oceanside w/Tim, electric
Alright, Yeah w/Tim, electric
Beautiful Queen w/Tim, electric
I Often Dream of Trains electric, dedicated to Jim Walsh

5/24/97 Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis MN
I often dream of Trains was dedicated to his mother and local music
critic Jim Walsh.

Nothing galls me more than sending out a setlist with incomplete
info, but in this case I believe speed is probably more important than
accuracy. The show was as good as his last show at the Cultural Center,
which was a billion times better than his last show at the crowded,
smelly First Avenue. Which isn't to say I necessarily dislike First
Avenue. Anyway....

Robyn was quite talkative, pondering why it is we wear clothes when,
if we didn't, after a few generations we'd all grow a thick rind and
"possibly a genital modesty flap." He also chatted about Charles
Aznavour's giraffe hangup and described in vivid detail a chance meeting
with Eric Clapton, who (in this particular mythology) was responsible
for the cones merchandise. Robyn explained that just as humans exist
to replicate DNA, so rock 'n' roll exists to replicate t-shirts. Whilst
looking for an alternative, Robyn met Clapton at a time when Clapton was
a fish in a large tank. Clapton mouthed "cones" at Robyn, and thus was
born these lovely $15 darlings we all covet so. I handled mine gingerly
as I made my way home, and now it's sitting on one of my speakers. A
friend of mine bought two--the glutton!

First things last: Tim Keegan was a very good opening act, I thought.
I was tempted to purchase a Homer item, but then I realized that that
would require money, of which I had none after buying my cone.

I hope you folks can fill in the question marks in my setlist, and
I'll post more details if they surface in my teeny brain.

-- Charles

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