Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock Tim Keegan
Concert appearance: Fri., 6 June 1997

Aladdin Theater
Portland, Oregon US

Set list:

Gene Hackman
Chinese Bones
Serpent at the Gates of Wisdom
Clean Steve
Madonna of the Wasps
Elizabeth Jade
Jewels for Sophia
Dark Princess
Beautiful Girl
She Doesn't Exist
So You Think You're in Love
Kingdom of Love
Queen of Eyes encore
Queen Elvis
Beautiful Girl
I Dream of Antwoman Tim on banana maraca
I Often Dream of Trains

Time to delurk again to tell y'all about the Portland show. I wasn't
fortunate enough to run into any other Fegs, though I know some of you
were there. I did, however, meet some people who seemed genuinely
interested in the list; maybe they'll show up.
Before the show started I grabbed one of the five cones that were out;
some people later got really angry that they didn't get a cone and
demanded that they be put on a waiting list. I heard that Robyn was
frantically drawing more before the show, but I didn't see any of them
surface. Also got a copy of the Homer single and I'm VERY happy I did.
Robyn introduced him as "Englishman Tim", but didn't stick around to
watch his set (too busy drawing?).
Robyn's set list:
Dont talk to me about Gene Hackman
("Time is speeding up - it's only the second song and I'm switching to
the Hail Mary pick already. This song is about narcissism ... people
basically want to fall in love with themselves as a teenager; that's
what Hollywood is all about. You're all lucky you're not that rich ...
I pressed the button that said 'cult figure' and I'm sticking with it.
It's no better, I just get to have different vices.")
Chinese Bones
(He picked up the harmonica - "It's always good to play the harmonica in
Portland. In Colorado you need oxygen tanks - They should have a
warning for musicians over 40 to play only one note at a time. This is
a song with a beard, the last one had a perm.")
Serpent at the Gates of Wisdom (he made a point of singing "God above
and all *her* angels...")
Clean Steve (during which he sang "You could've knocked me down with a
cone - if you'd bought one")

W/Tim, still acoustic
Madonna of the Wasps
Elizabeth Jade
Jewels for Sophia
(He handed Tim the banana, saying "If you trade with people then you
don't kill them")
Dark Princess

exit Tim
Beautiful Girl

She Doesn't Exist
("This is a song I never normally play, but I think someone from here
requested it")
So You Think You're in Love
("This is an old Reagan era song - when Reagan was our president")
The President (when he sang "I reach for my shotgun", he added "just
like Kurt...")
Kingdom of Love

exit Robyn, reenter w/ white shirt, black polka dots, reenter Tim
(Robyn dedicated this to "all the people without aisle seats, because
it's hard to get to the bathroom". He then proceeded to point out all
the exits, "in case of a water landing")
Queen of Eyes (now, I wasn't around at the start of this thread, but all
I can say is he distinctly said "Bucky".)
Queen Elvis
Beautiful Queen

exit both, reenter both ACOUSTIC
I Dream of Antwoman (Tim w/ banana again)

exit Tim,
("For Michika")
I Often Dream of Trains

He seemed to be having a good time, especially when Tim was on stage
with him. I don't think this was the best show I've seen, but it was
very good. It seemed odd seeing him in front of a seated audience -
though I know everyone was having a good time, and there were a few
people shouting out songs or references to songs (whom Robyn ignored,
and Tim referred to as "juveniles"), but the energy level of the
audience was low. Robyn did a great job keeping it going simply with
his confidence and his comfort level up there.
Hope that was interesting to those of you who like reading about other
shows - now I'm home and it's almost time to split for the Seattle gig.

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