Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock with Morris Windsor and the Dear Janes
Concert appearance: Wed., 30 July 1997

12 Bar
London, England UK

Set list:

Daisy Bomb w/Dear Janes on harmonies
Gene Hackman
Cheese Alarm
Wind Cries Mary (Jimi Hendrix)
Clean Steve
I Saw Nick Drake
Jewels for Sophia
Viva Sea-Tac
Each of Her Silver Wands Morris on guitar
Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd) Morris on bongos and vocals
Queen of Eyes Morris on bongos
Queen Elvis Morris on bongos
Alright, Yeah Morris on bongos
Beautiful Queen Morris on bongos
Avalon (Roxy Music) Comedy version


I'm very busy still, so this is gonna be a brief review / set list of last
night's 12 Bar gig.

I can't remember if anyone's said anything about the Dear Janes... I
personally didn't think they were up to much. Some songs were all right,
but lyrics like 'I think you're an areshole I / love you even after I /
think you're an arsehole ...' are just too Alanis Morisette for my liking.
(Flame off list please - if you dare admit to being an Alanis fan :))

Robyn's set:

Daisy Bomb (with Dear Janes on backing harmonies)
Gene Hackman
Cheese Alarm
Wind Cries Mary (with harmonica - Bob Dylan style!)
Clean Steve

(now joined by Tim)
I Saw Nick Drake
Jewels For Sophia (I love this one!)
Viva Sea-Tac (and this one! First time I've heard it, but it's a winner)

(now joined by Morris)
Each Of Her Silver Wands (Morris on guitar)
Astronomy Domine (Morris on bongos and HIGH backing vox! Bongos from now
Queen Of Eyes
Queen Elvis
Alright, Yeah

Beautiful Queen (with Dear Janes bass player)

and finally, a comedy cover of Avalon, including some Pythonesque dancing
from Robyn, and Kate Bush backing vocals from the Dear Janes. Robyn
apologised before the song that those of us downstairs wouldn't be able to
see what he was doing properly, to which someone shouted 'you're just legs
to us, Robyn', and Robyn replied with 'that's the nicest thing anyone's
said to me... that's a contender for my headstone, thanks!'

All in all, a much better atmosphere than last week (and more people I
reckon). And it was nice to hear some more of the newer songs.

And yes, I have it on tape, except for Avalon (bit of a shame, but then
you really had to be there anyway!).

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