Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock with Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, & Barret Martin
Concert appearance: Sat., 30 Aug. 1997

Seattle, Washington US
featuring the "Viva Sea-Tac Boys"

Set list:

Gene Hackman
Serpent at the Gates of Wisdom
Clean Steve
My Wife and My Dead Wife
I'm Only You
I Am Not Me
You and Oblivion
Chinese Bones with the band
Queen of Eyes with the band
Viva! Sea-Tac with the band

Length: 60

The feg-fun began when Cynthia, Daniel and I met up with a whole bunch of
list fegs waiting to get into Bumbershoot. I recognized Lobstie (about 6'
3" from his head to his tail). Someone, I think Eddie, encouraged us to
join them in line. "Hey, we're fegs," he said nonchalantly. Soon we were
loping briskly into the plush opera house.

The RH set was too short... we agreed he/they must have been denied an
encore due to time limitations. I like solo RH but wish the boys had
joined him for more than three songs. I mean, they were available, for
goshsakes. As others have said, it was sort of an RH showcase for the
uninitiated.. RH alluded to this after the first or second song. The set,
including the seatac boys, was an hour. RH didn't even bother to
introduce Scott, Peter, and Kurt (Kurt, right?). "you know these guys,
right?" Actually, he did introduce them - as The Rolling Stones! For me, the best part was when the sea-tac boys came out. John
Lobsterman and I grinned when this happened. The saddest part was when
the curtain slammed down and "we'll leave you with this" actually came
true-- i thought he only said this before encores? but no, I think he did
this at the secret gig too. -- the next night! =b

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