Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock with Tim Keegan
Radio appearance: Wed., 28 May 1997

Santa Monica, California US
on Brave New World

Set list:

Gene Hackman
Madonna of the Wasps
Soul Food Shopping List (Tim Keegan) sung by Tim
Elizabeth Jade
I Saw Nick Drake
Thin (Tim Keegan) sung by Tim
Jewels for Sophia
Superkeen (Tim Keegan) sung by Tim and Robyn
Ring Them Bones

Program archived at KCRW's website

Well, I finally listened to last night's performance (05/28). Very Cool!

I am kinda bummed though. The radio station has a web cam that allows
listeners to see what is going on in the studio during the broadcast. Oh

Songs (brilliant by the way):

Ring Them Bones is the song that has been thought of as Beep Beep (or
something like that).

Overall, pretty amazing. Robyn said that he, Tim, and Scott McCaughey
are going to start recording in about 10 days. The album is slated to be
called "Robyn Hitchcock Christmas Party" ;)

The total run time was under 60min but more than 55min. Unfortunately,
my tape has a glitch in it during "Ring Them Bones".

Looking very forward to saturday night.


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