Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock with Deni Bonet and Terry Edwards
Concert appearance: Fri., 20 Nov. 1998

Mercury Lounge
New York, New York US
Michael Stipe and Mike Mills helped out on one REM song

Set list:

Cheese Alarm
I Thought I Heard NASA Clapping
Nietzche's Way
Arms of Love w/Deni
De Chirico Street w/Deni
Sinister But She Was Happy w/Deni
Let's Go Thundering w/Deni
I Don't Remember Guildford
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (Bob Dylan) w/Terry
America w/Terry
Adoration of the City w/Terry
Listening to the Higsons w/Deni andTerry
San Francisco (Flowers in Your Hair) (John Phillips)
Electrolyte w/Mills and Stipey
Gene Hackman
Yip Song

i'll leave the setlist to someone who remembers (or recorded) it. newer
songs comprised a fair portion of the set. i was glad to hear "NASA
clapping" for the first time live -- if i remember correctly, he introduced
it with, "the title is michele's, not mine." deni bonet came up for a large
handful of songs, including "let's go thundering" and "sinister but happy".
after a few more solo songs, terry edwards from the higsons appeared and
played ghastly mellow saxophone for a smaller handful of tunes including
"america". the first encore was an allegedly impromptu rendition of
r.e.m.'s "electolyte" assisted by a reluctant mike mills on 12-string and a
chipper michael stipe as music stand and director, pointing robyn through
the lyrics which were haphazardly handwritten on a folded up sheet of paper. there was a second encore with two songs, the latter of which was a
violin and saxophone-assisted "listening to the higsons".

overall, i think it was an adequate and solid gig. two-thirds of r.e.m.
provided amusing novelty (though the before-show gossip that r.e.m. would
be the backing band turned out to be some wishful rumormongering), but the
cover wasn't that great -- more entertaining than satisfying.

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