Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock Tim Keegan
Concert appearance: Tue., 27 May 1997

Fox Theatre
Ogden, Colorado US

No set list available.


Robyn was sub-par last night. After about the third song (Serpent at the
Gates of Wisdom) he admitted that he couldn't breathe very well at 5,400
feet above sea level. He did a lot of new songs, or songs that I had
heard before. The most memorable was "Don't Talk to Me about Gene
Hackman," which sounded like a spin-off of Julian Cope's "Don't Call Me
Mark Chapman."

Robyn seemed very tired. He kept missing notes on his guitar. When
someone requested "I Am Not Me," Robyn replied that he could never hit
those high notes in Colorado. He declared that whenever he stops touring,
which won't be tomorrow, Boulder will be the first place he doesn't play!

The highlight of the show was "Madonna of the Wasps," a song I generally
avoid, sung as a duet with Tim, from Homer. He should have done the whole
show with Tim. His encore ended with three Queen songs: "Queen of Eyes,"
(awesome), "Queen Elvis," and "Beautiful Queen"

He should have avoided "Freeze." "Kingdom of Love" and "You and
were not bad. "I'm Only You";"Raymond Chandler Evening";and "Clean Steve"
were pretty good.

Overall, probably the worst RH show I've ever seen, but still miles above
Hootie. I think he might be getting sick of it.

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